Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guidelines and Rules

There are two things that govern this world.

Guidelines and Rules.

A rule is steadfast and unshakeable. These are things like gravity, aging, and death. A rule is something that you shouldn't waste time or energy trying to circumvent because it is inevitable. Rules might be able to be slowed down or dismissed prematurely, but they will always exist.

A guideline is a signpost. It is an arrow pointing in a direction. What is not a rule, is a guideline. Things like diet, lifestyle choices, societal expectations, and how to cook a sweet potato. A guideline is a suggested path. You may walk along this path as straight as possible, you may zig-zag your way around while having fun with it, or you may choose not to venture down the path at all.

There is an issue when people mistake guidelines for rules and rules for guidelines.

Not accepting death is one of the most troublesome things that people deal with, as it causes them to turn a blind eye to life itself. To deny death is to deny life, is it not? Note: That's some straight-up poetry right there. Can ya dig?

Believing that you are "supposed" to get married, have two children, and buy a house stifles any creative drive or adventurous endeavors you might otherwise pursue. There is no universal rule as to how you should live, only that you do live.

It is important to recognize rules when they exist as you can avoid expending energy and resources into avoiding or changing them.

It is important to recognize guidelines for what they are as these are the things you have control over. 

You can't change the fact you're alive but you can choose how you live this life.

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