Monday, June 6, 2011


There is a plague of stupidity seeping its way across this country.

Just thought you should know.


There was a time when my brother and his girlfriend were having an argument about where to live. He worked at point A (and they lived in point A) but she worked at point B. These were roughly an hour apart. To the dismay of my brother, she wanted to move. He of course, wanted to stay. I'll skip the boring details....

At one point, my brothers girlfriend stated "if we get a two-million dollar house we can stay." Note: I'm paraphrasing because this was all told to me by secondary sources.

Now, everyone in my family thought she was out of her mind making a request like that. They think it's terribly materialistic to ask my brother to do such a thing. I could tell something else was up -- my brothers girlfriend is not a gold-digger and this is the first time (to my knowledge) that a request of this caliber was made.

On the surface level, where the majority of people have set up camp, are the words "....two-million dollar home..."

On the fundamental level, where the Cave lies, are the delicate dynamics of a male-female relationship. The whole argument was because my brother was not fulfilling his masculine role in the relationship, and his girlfriend went a little haywire.

It is (however begrudgingly realized) that women prefer to not take the authoritative role in a relationship. The masculine role makes decisions. Unfortunately, my brother through his idea of compromise, was failing to take the reins of his situation. Women do not like making decisions.

The relevance of the two-million dollar house was that it provided an obligation for my brothers girlfriend to remain where they were. An expensive down-payment would force her to stay put. She was employing the powers of insanity and subtlety to avoid making a decision herself. You wouldn't move if you just dropped 2-mil on a house either.

Point of the story is the part where everyone mistook her demands for a house as the basis of her behavior, where as the games of female psychology were actually at play.

The problem is that people often mistake surface level issues as the fundamental problem. Let's take a look at one major problem that tends to be observed from the surface level.

Acne is a pain. I spent a good six years of my life under the reign of Acne. I tried many different regimens but I never stayed on them for long because, after some time, they either didn't work or had too many "side-effects." Life shouldn't have side effects.

I found a website called which became my go-to for Acne problems. I ordered the regimen they pushed and tried it for a bit. Unfortunately, it ended up being just another Benzoyl Peroxide product disguised as a cure-all package (any Acne sufferers will be familiar with Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid). Much to my chagrin, I quickly abandoned the product.

Now, you must be wondering, why I say these medications don't work. There are plenty of people who have considerably reduced their blemishes with Benzoyl Peroxide and other Acne medications. I wouldn't be surprised if some people got 100% clear from these products.

But there's more to it than those bumps on your face. Pimples and zits are symptoms of an unhealthy body. They are a reaction to the garbage that most people shove in their mouth. The mountains on your face are just the surface level of a more fundamental issue -- an unhealthy body. And stress. Stress is a bitch.

Note: It is, in my opinion, mostly a diet issue. From all the research I have done and from personal experience I can say this. I do, however, believe that Epigenetics are at play here and that some people will get Acne regardless of diet and some people will not. 

Many indigenous people of certain tribes did not have Acne until they were introduced to the western diet. I'm surprised no one caught that when it happened. Those indigenous people are usually doing the right thing diet wise. Usually....Note: Cannibalism is fucking odd.

This brings us to...

Law #2: Look for the Fundamental root of things.

If you're interested in reading about the interplay of diet and Acne, check out this book. Note: This is not free although you could probably find it if you looked hard enough....

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