Monday, July 11, 2011

Stimulation Masurbation

Do me a favor. Spare me 10 minutes later today, or when you finish checking up on blogs/e-mail, find a comfortable seat. A chair, your couch, maybe lie down on your bed. Shut off all distractions -- TV's and PC's. Leave your cell phone in another room and put it on silent.

Now, take a seat (or lie down).

And just chill. Look around. Let your mind wander, see where it takes you. Notice your breath. Note: I'm not asking you to do any sort of breathing exercise. Just be aware of your breath.

Allow yourself to do this for 10 minutes. No shorter or you won't really experience it. Longer is acceptable.

Hard mode: 20 minutes. Note: It's not really hard but you'll see why it's hard if you never do this sort of thing.


The point of this is to take a break. To un-stimulate yourself for a short period of time. Our senses and mind are bombarded constantly. Even I'm listening to music as I write this. The point of this is to just give yourself a minor break from it. Note: I shut off the music at this point to not be a hypocrite.

If you're like most people you may just end up really fucking bored for 10 minutes. If you can't make 10 minutes, you are a prime example of the modern era -- an era of stimulation masturbation. So, don't be to hard on yourself if you can't handle it.

But what are you, chicken? Note: You heard me.

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