Friday, June 3, 2011

The Body Does Not Break Itself (Part 2)

Read the first part of this essay here.

The story about my Aunt proves a point. People are obsessed with genetics and blaming things "out of their control." There is one major issue with this.

Cave Law #3: The body does not break itself.

Most of the time, when something with your health goes wrong it has been the result of some outside influence whether it has been food, perceived stress, or falling on your ass and breaking your tailbone. Obviously the latter is an indication that your body didn't, in fact, break its own tailbone.

Have you noticed that heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are becoming the normal way for people to pass? What happened to "dying of old age?" What happened to good old oxidation and your immune system just being unable to work anymore?

See, when something happens enough, people accept it as the truth. Heart disease has been shown to be caused by lack-of-exercise, shitty eating habits, and stress. Your body doesn't just wake up one day and decide it's going to short-circuit. It doesn't make the decision that it wants a bulbous tumor growing on it. Your exposure to things harmful and lack of healthy activity cause these things to occur.

Bones do not break themselves, they break from falling or stress.

Your arteries don't clog because they're tired of being healthy, they clog because you eat harmful foods. Note: Cholesterol isn't the culprit here either. I may post about this in the future, but until then do your body and your mind a favor by reading "The Great Cholesterol Con" by Anthony Colpo.

Type-2 Diabetes is caused by an influx of too much insulin all-the-fucking-time. It used to be called "adult-onset Diabetes" because children never got it, but now our modern food system is so misguided that they've dropped that name as many children are becoming diabetics. Read here and over here.

Your body doesn't plant tumors and water them, although the causes of cancer are so wide and varied I cannot specifically make an adequate sentence about them. Note: In today's modern age of airwaves, microwaves, cellphones, pesticides, chemically treated water, cancer might become an unavoidable occurrence. Do your best by controlling what you can, such as food, exercise, and stress.

In the case of my Aunt, she resigned to fate as being the ultimate decider of her feet, not the fact that her shoes have "broken" her feet.  

You don't just GET Scurvy, you lack of citrus. Note: Scurvy is the coolest sounding illness.

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